Responses on: "What do you think is the purpose of life?"

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Informant #17020: mmMMmmtwinkiesmmMMmm

Informant #17038: having fun and enjoying what you have

Informant #17141: To rearrange energy and matter.

Informant #17444: To attain the maximum amount of happiness in life by dedicating yourself to a cause greater then yourself and to someone other then yourself. Also to attempt to attain the greatest amount of pleasure out of ever action by elevating them with meaning. Even greater still is closeness with god.

Informant #17652: To make to world a better place then we found it.

Informant #17676: 42. Happiness, love, the like.

Informant #17703: To prove what kind of person you are for the afterlife.

Informant #17705: sex

Informant #57552: Live as full as possible and love.

Informant #147227: To experience as much as possible and be successful in your eye.

Informant #215932: God

Informant #218305:

Informant #235463: to reproduce

Informant #319748: To perform good deeds, and faithful to God. To bring children into the world and continue the chin of life. To be happy with what you have and strive to achieve your goals and what make you happy. To obtain hobbies that you feel are enjoyable and surround yourself with people that love you and are there for you when you come across problems.

Informant #344893: To find it and fulfill it.

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