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Informant #16793: to experience something not possible elsewhere

Informant #16828: taking quizzes on the internet

Informant #16890: To serve the Great and Mighty Cthulhu, and to die first when the Great Old Ones Arise.

Informant #16903: there is no purpose

Informant #16934: To procreate, just like every other creature on this planet. To move forth the wheels of evolution. Generally, to shag as many people as possible and move the ol' species foward.

Informant #16941: uncertain

Informant #16953: To gain wisdom and compassion.

Informant #16975: The purpose of life is getting wiser. Eventually the human race should realise that we have to live together, co-operate, take care of nature, don't eat animals, and so forth. It's a pity most people don't want to use or enlargen their intelligence.

Informant #16982: mating with pandas

Informant #17000: Im not telling.

Informant #17029: As somone who believes in reincarnation, I believe that the purpose of life is to learn and experience things that will prepare you for the next life. Sometimes these experiences are for the purpose of burning off karma. The ultimate goal in life (or lives, as the way I see it) is to learn love and forgiveness. I think it is relatively simple, but it sometimes takes years for people to figure it out, if they figure it out at all.

Informant #17046: To live life in such a way as to be able to say "You're welcome" rather than "Thank you" when you meet God.

Informant #17052: The purpose of life must be to have a part in the evolution of humankind. This means that a person's living either carries forward or sets back the ability of humans to understand that each is a part of the whole, that there is power in oneness, that our capabilities are limitless when we have the knowing. You can see this in small part everyday. Often, what people call a miracle, is the power of oneness, the power of love.

Informant #17054: just to live

Informant #17061: dance muzic is the key to everything

Informant #17104: I don't know if there's a purpose for which life was created, (if it even was created instead of just happening) but I'm pretty sure the purpose of staying alive is to help each other and make the world a better place for the next generation. We're all in this together, after all.

Informant #17118: Sex

Informant #17119: Spiritual progression....learning lifes lessons in order to gain karma for the next life time.

Informant #17130: To be the best person you can in the service and betterment of the world.

Informant #17131: experience

Informant #17165: to b happy and treat people the way u would want them to treat u.

Informant #17190: Procreation. The purpose of all life is to spread and thrive.

Informant #17203: Biologically? To procreate - isn't that the goal of a species, to reproduce itself?. BUT emotionally/spiritually/whatever you want to call it, I think it's to be happy with the life we make for ourselves.

Informant #17233: To increase our ability to love

Informant #17236: To give each one the opportunity to experience living and gain knowledge.

Informant #17237: justice

Informant #17241: Reproduction.

Informant #17269: Happiness

Informant #17307: I think every person has his own definition. For some it might be to have as much fun as possible, for other it might be to be as successful as possible and others just want to be loved and be healthy. For me, I don't think there is one certain purpose. For me life is on the one hand to have fun, enjoy life, basically having a good time. Life is short, so why should I be depressed half of it? Another purpose is to be there for the persons I truely love.

Informant #17309: I do not know.

Informant #17311: To live and let others live in there own way. ( As long at is not hurting others) To be a good person. And make of the life you Have, the best you can.

Informant #17337: To reproduce.

Informant #17361: To cultivate the soul and love everything

Informant #17369: Life. The simple joy of being.

Informant #17379: Well the basic purpose is one that everyone knows and that is, to live, procreate and then die. And the main one I don't know yet.

Informant #17384: to maintain integrity

Informant #17385: Do not worry about the purpose of life, instead focus only on giving purpose to *your* life.

Informant #17392: To make new generations...make things full circle I suppose

Informant #17398: to live in agony and die a torturous death. go to hell

Informant #17427: to live

Informant #17433: Celebration of beauty and of the ugly. A dance of light and dark. A separation of all there is and a renewing of us all. There is no purpose there simply is.

Informant #17445: Survive everyday, while my soul learns the daily lesson and continue to grow.

Informant #17461: to reproduce

Informant #17470: to live it

Informant #17473: To understand ones'self and surroundings enough to acheive freedom from materializm, or, physicality as it were - thus, becoming one with our creator once again.

Informant #17508: Whatever you make it. Life is a blank canvas waiting to be embraced, not to be left blank

Informant #17514: To learn what you can; to experience as much as you can.

Informant #17516: To learn and evolve

Informant #17540: the purpose of life is to learn all there is to be learned.

Informant #17569: Evolution of body, mind, and spirit.

Informant #17573: To learn to love

Informant #17579: To enjoy as much of it as possible and to learn form experience.

Informant #17613: To manifest the fullest blooming, the most whole creative expression of who we are -- this unique intersection of matter and mind and moment. We can see the purpose by observing nature -- every rose bush, every tree, every creature; despite all difficulties, each is hopelessly devoted to expressing its fullest self. Our way to express this fullest blooming is to always be asking this One question: Am I, right now, acting in accord with my deepest, highest expression of Being?

Informant #17654: I realy can't say because half of the time I'm hardly living.

Informant #17659: to learn the meaning of afterlife

Informant #17664: To love and be happy and spread love and happiness

Informant #17669: Who cares what the purpose is, we are here so should make the most of it.

Informant #17684: The purpose of life is self realizing. The quest, the journey to finding the purpose is the purpose or reason. Travel far and experience all. Live every day an adventure. There is naught else to do with life but live it.

Informant #17690: There is no meaning to life. The search for meaning is the great pathos of existence.

Informant #17712: we are here, then we leave. just like any other animal. eventually we will be extinct, or a more advanced race will rise and we will become food.

Informant #17719: To be the best that you can be to yourself and others.

Informant #17726: To hug your loved ones and eat bacon.

Informant #17736: to gain knowledge and experience so that the soul of the earth can be enriched by new experiences. to make at least one person as happy as possible to mean the world to someone

Informant #17740: no purpose

Informant #17741: There is no huge purpose to life as a whole...meaning why all of humanity exists. The purpose for the individual however is to help others and try to bring everyone to a higher level of living and consciousness.

Informant #17744: To connect with God.

Informant #17762: To live life to find the purpose you live it for

Informant #17796: To be and become

Informant #17799: living

Informant #17810: There is no defined purpose but to simply live true to yourself and to live as you want to.

Informant #17815: no clue

Informant #17857: To have fun and enjoy life to it's fullest.

Informant #17862: Memories make up somebodys life. Make good memories, stay in touch with life instead of worrying about paying bills, stressing over stores and money. Everything is else is just a minor detail. Living whether your broke rich is beautiful

Informant #17866: To be happy and enjoy life while making a difference to the world in some way. And the difference you make, makes the world a better place!

Informant #17884: life is a word,words can not describle it or what it is supposed to do,because it is simply not describable,it is your own journey,and the purpose of life is to live you know

Informant #17904: The purpose of life isn't something that is of tangibility, in most cases it is overlooked. It is the dew that forms on the grass in the mornings, it is the sunlight, and it's the birds that chime. How is this the meaning of life? This is merely nature... but nature is an integral part of life. And it is natural for us to live. It is natural for us to learn and love... as it is natural for us to die. Our emotions convey what we see the world. So perhaps the purpose of life is to feel. To leave a mark on the world. We have come far away from wha humans used to be, so far that our purpose has perhaps changed. We have a purpose. It is disputable, but i believe that it is our purpose to help each other and to help nature. We can either uphold or destroy any natural balance. This is what is is to be human; the great burden. So then, after all of this, what is the purpose of life? It is of course, to live as productive humans, to think, to love, and inevitably to go back ot the cycle that which gave us our life.

Informant #17931: Survive and reproduce. But each individual has their own ideas, there is no set answer.

Informant #17951: not sure.

Informant #18005: To have a good time.

Informant #18020: To f*** a lot of hot guys and have a lot fo fun.

Informant #18045: to live it to the max

Informant #18069: dunno

Informant #18092: To be the best that you can be.

Informant #18107: Nothing. Everything is meaningless and pointless. But pleasure is everything.

Informant #18261: to live

Informant #18334: Love

Informant #18348: To be happy and help others be happy not only with themselves but with their life

Informant #18372: to find happiness within yourself

Informant #18385: Enjoy life with family and do what i want to do

Informant #18447: We are here to find out who we are, and truly understand ourselves...

Informant #18600: To be as happy as you can, depending on where you are in life. Never settle, reach for the stars, and do what makes you happy.

Informant #18850: for me: to live according to my beliefs for others: to live as they see fit

Informant #19054: Probably it is to have kids and the best is that they'll have kids to... and over and over again... that's all It is for the living of the man's civilisation

Informant #19131: Hmmm a tricky question. I believe the purpose of life, as the Dalai Lama said is to achieve happiness but I do think it's more to that... perhaps we are all living and here by chance =/. I don't really know... we could be living to be of some support or something to God or a god or whomever =/... I can say that one people's lives have a purpose which is to affect other people's lives in specific ways but the purpose of EVERYONE"s lives is rather unclear...

Informant #19174: Love Others and Self

Informant #19209: To fulfill our potential.

Informant #19225: Relation

Informant #19238: to strive to meet the challenges I perceive, to learn from them, and in the process to care about my fellow beings in the way that i would like to be cared for

Informant #19352: You really expect me to go to the trouble of telling you?

Informant #19706: The Purpose of Life is to spend the time you have been alloted here doing the best you can for the most you can. We aren't supposed to be spared any experience, but to use them to bring ourselves closer to the higher power from which our creativity and inner essence is derrived.

Informant #19728: To become a better person, a person who loves and serves.

Informant #25681: The purpose of life is a journey in which one is able to discover their true selves and understand their importance of being in the world.

Informant #25898: To actuallize our potential.

Informant #26423: We may know but we are not permitted (for lack of a better word) to be concious of it. There is a reason why we have this wonder but it is too big an answer for us to either to deal with or to understand. EG: Like ants on the ground not seeing us above or being aware of us.

Informant #26583: Give back more to society than you received

Informant #27671: to be and let be

Informant #36647: Life seems to be an equation such as 2 + 2 = 4, just infinitely more complicated. It is merely our vanity, our high regard for what we see as our 'higher consciousnessí' which drives us to believe their must be some higher purpose for us, a drive I share.

Informant #57367: To serve others

Informant #57800: to experience

Informant #59111: To serve god.

Informant #59322: its a test

Informant #65667: Iive well and be happy

Informant #73780: There is none. Humans are animals, and make their own purpose.

Informant #85492: I don't think there is one, other than to fullfill what goals you place for yourself. As far as I am concerned, we make our own purposes through what we do, who we are, and the choices we make.

Informant #86228: BlowJobs

Informant #86345: Fullfilment

Informant #86413: Be good, not exploit people, build happiness, gain awareness of life, forge one's own path toward some form of spirituality, find ways to overcome one's fears

Informant #93877: I have no idea

Informant #94101: To use the natural talents that posses to the fullest. To share and enjoy life. To bloom and bloom until it is time to recede back into the earth, Only to be borne again

Informant #103899: To become a more spiritual person and, in doing so, help unite the peoples of the world as members of one human family

Informant #107087: to be the best you can be to be happy and live the life you want.

Informant #110252: ...

Informant #121515: to live

Informant #139180: ,n., lknlknlnil

Informant #170752: To reproduce

Informant #179090: to be a good person, honest, live a fulfilling life

Informant #190440: There is no purpose. There is coincidence and consequence of individual action.

Informant #196176: That is a very huge question that could take a whole paper to answer. Right now, at this point in my life, I think the purpose of life is to enjoy every minute with the people I love and to not take anything for granted. I think we as a society need to help each other grow and should not be judgemental or racist or sexist is anyway (We have come a long way in the last 100; even 50 years, but our world still has a lot of obstacles to still over come) I think the purpose of life is to love ourselves and our bodies that our mother and God has selfishly given us.

Informant #198351: becoming one with yourself and answering the question

Informant #226677: Live in harmony with your family and friends

Informant #228190: that is for me to know, and you to find out. THe purpose of life is experience and learning. asking this question shows you are not ready to know the meaning.

Informant #268772: I don't know the purpose of all life, but I know the purpose I have created for myself. I want to look back on my life, when I am old and wrinkled, and know that I lived each moment as hard as I could. I want to look at all the hurt and all the happiness and know I led a life full of experiences, people, and love.

Informant #268863: make people around you and yourself happy

Informant #281150: Love

Informant #364257: I haven't discovered MY purpose yet. I am still young.

Informant #370704: Loving and serving one another

Informant #373649: To enjoy life, and help others to enjoy life.

Informant #374972: Experiences

Informant #431816: Everyone finds their own purpose.

Informant #446974: not sure

Informant #569110: serve others

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